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Welcome to The Very Happy Belly Co.

How often do you take a little bit of time to do something you love? Something creative? Something different? We started The Very Happy Belly Co. because we love to bake and because having a hobby that allows us to create and experiment has been life saving for more than one of us here. So not only do we want to bake, but we want to make a difference and encourage everyone to take more time to do the things they love. 

We create a range of individual artisan baking kits and monthly baking subscriptions to help you to take some time away from the hustle and bustle and make something you can be proud of - and eat! All our boxes are recipe tested by us, supplied with excellent ingredients and handmade to order. 

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We're chocolate lovers, kitchen enthusiasts and local business supporters! But there's so much more...

The Very

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The Very Happy Belly all started as a hobby in March - a small account with a few instagram followers and a lot of lockdown induced stress baking. What followed was three months of lots of hearty family meals, experimental photography with a couple of memorable 'wobbly chair' moments and a whole load of love from a wonderful online community who came together to support each other in a difficult time. 

As my teacher training came to an end in Summer and my time really opened up, I found that my love of cooking and baking and the kindness and support from the community I had found online, completely surpassed my desire to go back to school in September. 

It was this realisation that has meant I've really focused on how to turn this passion in to something I can survive on. And so, The Very Happy Belly Co. was born with an ethos of sharing, learning and supporting the many wonderful small suppliers we have across the country. 

The blog, however, is where it all really started and although a brand new site we're still going strong with the same ethos of sharing and connecting. After all, there's no place better to connect than over a good, hearty meal. 

So! If you're looking for a whole load of free recipes, how to videos and tips and tricks, click on The Very Happy Belly Blog or head over to our instagram to see what we're really all about.